Saftey is a matter of concern

Avantika is producing and marketing Conspicuity Marking Retro-Reflective Tape in compliance to AIS 090 standards.

We are proud to have been Authorized, Certified and Approved by Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (V.R.D.E), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India for Import, and Marketing of Conspicuity Marking Retro-Reflective Tape in compliance to Regulation AIS 090 and as per ECE 104 Class "C".

Product  Features

Warranty for Rigid Grade range has a reflectivity warranty of 10 years - this is the longest warranty provided for any AIS -090 tape in the market place!


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No risk of cracking

Easy to cut

Easy to handle and apply

No edge sealing required

Diverse & clear product line up

Excellent durability & workability

Resistant to power washing

Approved to AIS-090 - Class "C"

Outstanding long distance night time visibility

Highly resistant to most industrial cleaning processes

Single layer prismatic construction with adhesive backing

Each box contains full application instructions in both English and Hindi.

Standard roll sizes: 50mm x 50MTR

Excellent day/night time visibility & remarkable reflection performance

Resistant to strong sun exposure, and temperatures from extreme cold to very hot climate

Retro -Reflective Conspicuity Tape

Retro-reflective sheets are mainly applied to road traffic safety products such as road & traffic sign boards, temporary sign boards and medians, and are diversely applied to safety products for night time works including reflective tapes for vehicles, safety rods and safety apparels through the deformation of the material.

RV-5000 series is the preferred choice by most fleets when it comes to conspicuity markings, due to the product construction which is just simply ideal for this application. The thin single layer construction means that there is no edge sealing needed, and no risk of any water or dirt ingress causing discoloration of the tape. It is easy to apply, and you can apply it over rivets very easily. Easy application means that your vehicle is quickly back on the road again - where it should be.

Micro Prism type of reflective sheeting with a special cubic structure.

It's used for a variety of purposes, including traffic signage, construction and industrial safety signage.

The micro prismatic technology has the longest sight detection distance in the industry with the highest nighttime reflectivity performance, and our conspicuity material is remarkably easy to install, resulting in minimal labor costs.

MNTech – aelcon brand reflective tapes are known for being not only safe and visible from up to 1000 meters away, but also tough and durable as well as easy to apply.

Where to Apply the Tapes

Side Marking
  • Minimum 80% of the length of the vehicle (excl. the length of the cabin must be marked. In special cases this can go down to 60% for difficult applications or 40% for especially difficult applications.
Contour Marking
  • A full contour marking is required to the rear, unless this is impossible due to vehicle construction. Maximum height requirements for the lower horizontal line are the same as indicated for the markings to the side (see above).

Colours To Be Used…

Product code Yellow To be used to the

Product code White To be used to the

Product code Red To be used to the