Saftey is a matter of concern


Developed in Austria, First time in India.

The Research Centre Seibersdorf Laboratories confirmed a report that the radiation of INFRAPOWER infrared heaters is far below the international threshold for effects of infrared radiation on skin or eyes. IP44 conform (dustproof and splash proof).

Infrared radiant panels from INFRAPOWER use the same principle as the sun. It is easy to feel the difference between having the rays hit your body and when they stop (for example when the sun is blocked by a cloud). The rays of the sun do mainly not heat the air but the bodies they hit.

Sport Warm muscles work better. The so-called infrared saunas are an ideal preparation for professional training muscles. Muscle warms, relaxes and therefore less danger of injury. Passive workout for the heart Infrared heat waves increase circulation and blood flow to the heart cells. By the heat of the infrared rays of tissue elasticity is increased, which is important for the injured muscles and tendons.

Environmental: Energy efficiency by 98%, makes it possible to use almost all the energy consumed in heating system goal. This is a significant improvement compared to the energy efficiency of conventional heating systems, which is approximately 50-70%. Red-sun infrared heating panels are classified as low electromagnetic pollution (IGEF) and do not produce any carbon emissions.

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Avantika has entered into a Joint Venture agreement with INFRAPOWER LTD, for sales and marketing of Infrared heaters, known as electric conductor made of carbon graphite polyimide panel integrated this makes INFRAPOWER panels the leading infrared panels in the World.

Our electric conductor made of carbon graphite polyimide panel integrated, which performs better than all common used electric conductors leads to outstanding safety and durability as well as the high efficiency it generates, makes INFRAPOWER panels the leading infrared panels in the World. Our infrared - heaters are CE- compliant and TUVGS certified

We have worked together with Austrian and German technicians and an Austrian very recognized laboratory specialized in improving and testing appliances similar to ours (Seibersdorf Laboratories) independently tested all steps, together with a Japanese supplier of us, we found a solution to combine highest carbon nickel grade with the newest conductor technology in the market (used for example also for all quality touch--‐pads or the best US / German / Japanese made photovoltaic modules).

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